Why do you need a Reptile Humidifier?


Pet lovers and especially the reptile type understand why it’s important to maintain a happy and healthy pet. Considering the fact that a pet helps the owner live a healthier and happier life, it’s good to give back to the pet by providing a healthy habitat. Reptiles are fascinating animals that require unique care routine than the common pets like dogs and cats. Due to their diversity, reptiles require a humidifier for the following reasons:

Reptile Humidifier

  • Hydration- did you know that approximately two-thirds of an average reptile weight is made up water? Reptiles tend to have a dry skin naturally because they have the ability to lose water through their skin and lack of enough water in the air will make them dehydrate quickly. The same way they lose water is also the same way they absorb water into their body which is used for internal body processes such as cell and organ functions. A hydrated reptile is a happy reptile.
  • Shedding- shedding of skin is a normal process for reptiles and am sure you must have noticed that if you own a reptile. A dry skin will be very uncomfortable to shed because it will take a longer period to come out than normally and at the same time very itchy. If the skin is dry the reptile will shed few flakes at a time and the flakes will scatter everywhere, which you don’t want that to happen. A hydrated skin will shed all at once which is comfortable.
  • Egg incubation- surprisingly reptile’s eggs are porous enough to allow the pathway of water. For a healthy egg to have successful embryonic development, it doesn’t require a protective cover only but sufficient amount of water in the air. A dry habitat will result to mass loss of the reptile’s egg which can lead to death during the incubation period.
  • Reptile behavior- having a dry skin is not comfortable at all even in humans. How humid the environment of a reptile is will determine its behavior. If the habitat is friendly the reptile will behave normally and if it’s not, you will find your reptile restless or very inactive because a lot of water is lost to the surrounding which can lead to death.

Different species of reptiles require different level of humidity and that’s why it’s reasonable to do a research on the specific requirement of your reptile. Get a reptile humidifier and keep your reptile healthy and happy.


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