Tips to Stop Parrot from Biting


Parrot is no longer just a bird, but also can be human’s pet. Due to Parrot’s beautiful and brilliant plume, highly intelligent and good learning ability, many pet lovers want to have or already have these birds at home. However, to train a parrot well-behaved will be a little difficult than other pets. And during the training time, maybe you will counter a problem – parrot biting.

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Parrot biting is the number one behavior problem developed in pet parrot. Apart from the screaming, mess and possible plucking, parrot biting seems to be the first issue parrot owners want to cure. After all, it hurt. You will wonder why pet parrot bites people. There are several reasons: fear, aggression, territorial, hormones, trained, etc. In this article are some tips you can refer to prevent parrot biting.

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Create a sweet home to your parrot. When bringing pet to home, try to buy some bird supplies to let your pet feel relax and happy. Cage in suitable size is needed at the very first as parrot will feel fear of the new environment, you can choose a cage which has a holding frame outside the cage in order for your pet to feel free. Besides, pet feeder, pet bed and toys are necessary too. Moreover, put his home in a bright place to reduce his territorial.

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Let parrot be familiar to the new environment and you. You can move very slowly to approach your pet, and try not to put your hand over it head. Parrot doesn’t like that and it scares him. After your parrot know you, try to make friend with him. You can talk softy to your bird, feed your bird and smile to him. Because birds are sensitive, so this gentle stuff can make him relax and believe you.

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After your parrot feel comfortable to your exist, you can try to get him out of the cage with your finger, if he trust you, he will stay on your finger. If not, stay calm if the bird bite you. If you act like you are hurt or jolt your hand out of the cage, your bird will think this is fun or a way to keep you away so he will do it over and over. Once you are able to get your hand near your bird, try to putting your finger on its chest and push softy. Then you can also start to train your bird with parrot anti-bite random harness.

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