The Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Clothes For Your Furry Friend


More often than not, I bump into people who want to know how and where I shop for my dog’s clothes. I tell them that I’ve to be mindful when doing the shopping for her because she has no income. Yet she is a best silent companion and cuddles buddy. The fact that there are lots of adorable dog outfits out there may make you go overboard when looking for outfits that fit your furry friend best.

You should know that no one is immune from committing these petty yet very serious mistakes. This article covers three mistakes dog owners often make, and it also covers how to avoid committing them in the future. Read on.

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A wrong-sized clothe for you will certainly make your dog feel uncomfortable in them. Knowing the tail to head measurements of your dog is very crucial in ensuring that the attire you pick is not too much big or too much small for your silent companion. Many shops and online stores have clothing tags that bear size charts, but it is not advisable to go by that.

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As I said earlier, everyone does commit these mistakes, and I know you could too be tempted to commit them. For example, some while ago, I was unable to resist the urge to get my puppy Tom 20 attires-because I love him. This was done within one year. After reaching home, I realized that only 3 attires were fitting him, something that made me feel like I had wasted my money and time.

It is advisable that you buy your dog only about 4-5 attires within a year and then you can shop away when he’s fully grown.

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Everyone wants value for their money and you are not an exception. But how do you ensure that you get value for money when buying attires for your dog? Well, it is only through going for only well-made apparel while ignoring ones that don’t meet your expectations.

Don’t bother yourself with thin and loose fabrics because they will waste your sweat.


Keeping your dog fashion-forward and rocking the best fashions in the market does not mean that you have to break a bank. You just need to avoid these common mistakes and yet still you can consult your friends if you have little knowledge on how to get the right clothes for your dogs.

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