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Dress-up Pets Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is already here today in my location, how about you? Are you going to have a party or a big meal with your friend on Christmas Eve? Busy and happy holiday, do not forget to relax yourselves. In order to wish you a merry Christmas, today I’d like to share you some pets dress-up

Walking Dog in Rain

I believe that many dog lovers would love to walk with dogs no matter how cold the weather is. But there still some trouble times, just like rainy day in winter. Yes, to walk your baby dog in cold and rainy day is hard for both of you. Even though some dog don’t mind walking

Christmas New Cat Costume for Kitten

If you think dog is angle, cat must be devil. Do not get wrong of what I am saying, the devil I mean here is that just cat owns her nature mystery feeling which makes her become devil. Actually, I do not think devil is bad, especially when I call my cat devil. To let

Care Your Bunny in Cold Weather

Rabbit is such a cute animal and I think many of you already have one at home. If you are a rabbit keeper, there is something you need to know so that you can take care of your indoor rabbit during winter. Even though rabbit has enough fur, she still could not tolerate extreme weather

How to Care For a Hamster

Hamsters are too cute and wonderful pets and with the right amount of care and love, they can be your best friend. And by this essay, I would like to share the experience of hamster caring, hope it will help some of whom have little knowledge of keeping a hamster. The very beginning is to