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Spring Dog-Safety Tips

With weather is getting warmer and warmer, have you notice that spring is coming soon? Spring is such a great season for dog owners to take their doggies outside and also can enjoy the picnic with your furry friends; however, spring is also a season that have unsafe issue to dogs. Hence, in order to

How to Reduce Dog Shedding

Dog shedding can be frustrating for all of the dog owners no matter how much we love our dogs. All dogs shed to some degree with the exception of completely hairless dogs. Certain breeds shed very little while others shed large amount. Why do I bring forward dog shedding problem? In general, most dogs will

Doggies, Your Best Valentine Ever!

If you are a pet owner, I believe Valentine’s Day will be a special day to you too. As no matter you are single or not, you have already had a lover who is always with you at home – your pet. Do you pause in the middle of the day to sigh, thinking of

Feed Your Cat in a Proper Healthy Way

As cat owners, we do hope our cats be happy and healthy. Generally, there are three essential parts to keep cat happy and healthy: feeding part, grooming part and playing part. Among these three part, feeding part is obviously a vital part of pet ownership but people always ignore then make cats become overweigh and

Tips for Choosing an Adjustable Dog Harness Vest

Harness vest is a popular dog product, because it can be dog clothing vest and also a harness which can protect dog’s body and act as a collar. Better than a collar, it could be comfortable for both of you and your dog because the leash could just be easily placed at the back of

Nice Dog Chew Toy for Pooch

As we know, dogs, especially puppies, chew a lot. They chew not only for fun, but chew is very vital for dogs’ oral and mental health. Chewing keeps their teeth clean, their bodies exercised and his mind occupied. They get into a chew like a person gets into a good book. Hence, having your dog

Cute Hamsters Ever!

Hamsters are so adorable and keeping a small hamster at home makes your life warm and joy. Recently, I read interesting news about hamster, a blogger who keeps hamsters at home and this blogger let hamsters play bartender to serve tiny food and drink then share the photos of them on the blog. Once I

How to Pick Up Nice Toys for Puppies

All dogs are playful, especially the dogs who are boys and puppies, they are naughty and energetic. Deciding what toy to buy for a restless pup is not an easy job. Because there are countless products touting pups benefits, such as durability, dental protection, or just plain cuteness. I believe that over time, most of

Favorite Toys for Your Kitten

Do you a cat lover? If you have indoor cat, I believe she enjoys playing as much as dog does, and also she tend to get bored rather easily and is always looking for new things to do, or should I say, ‘trouble’ to get into? Caring owners should strive to provide a variety of