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Artificial Luminous Coral Brighten Fish Tank This Winter!

There is a common fact most of the people who own fish or more have a plain and boring tank. As many people will think it is very trouble and time-consuming to clean both the fish aquarium and its decorations insides. To keep the aquarium clean is enough. Is it really enough? I don’t think

Colorful Artificial Coral for Fish Tank

Do you think fish is special pet? Since they are beautiful and living in the water which decide fish are not only pets you can keep, but also fish can provide a fantastic view while they are swimming. Fish and their living place – aquarium, even if it is a small size fish tank, can

Creative Fish Aquariums are Hot!

Believe it or not, there are many studies that have said that keeping fish and watching them going about their daily business can reduce people’s stress levels, lower the blood pressure and make people feel more relaxed. Besides, in China, people think that watching fish every day will increase their lifetime. Hence, if your life

Christmas Fish Aquarium Decorate Ideas

As aquarium hobbyists and fish keepers as us, have you already got some ideal Christmas gift for your fish? As for me, I think the best gift you can give to your fish this Christmas is to incorporate your pet fish into a family Christmas holiday. It is so simple but means a lot to

Submersible Air Pump for Fish

Even though fishes do not have lungs, they get their oxygen from the water by their own way to live in. They use their ‘lungs’ to get oxygen from the air, so the oxygen in the water that fishes absorb is called dissolved oxygen. As we all know, air has 21 percent oxygen while oxygen

Let Your Fish Aquarium Own Its Professional Design

Have you ever wondered how people make their fish tank look unbelievably gorgeous? Did they find some designers to make the tank so professionally designed? Actually, everyone can have professional design by your own. Several tips and steps will give you a fantasy fish aquarium. Choose a natural-colored gravel or sand. To give a really