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How to Clean Sand Substrate in an Aquarium?

The sand is actually very easy to clean as I think some of you might be surprised to find out. All you need is an aquarium auto battery siphon. It has strong suction to pick up larger and heavier pieces. So first, you just take your siphon hose and run it just over the top

How to Set up a Fresh Water Aquarium?

A fresh water aquarium is an ideal way to bring colorful aquatic life in your home. Watching fish swim, feed and interact is not only relaxing, entertaining and educational for everyone on your home. Advances in technology have streamlined aquarium equipment and care in a way that makes the hobby easier and more affordable than

How to Pick and Care for Pet Fish

People own fish for many reasons. Studies have shown that people who watch fish have lower stress levels. They are also ideal pet for people who are allergic to other common pets. Fish come in all shapes, sizes and colors, salt water and fresh water species. They can be kept in a large or small

7 Creative and Unique Aquarium Ideas

Fish is becoming one of the most popular pets because of its entertainment and ornamental effects on home interior design. If you have mastered the skills, it will be easy to raise fish. Everyone has different preferences for aquarium decorations. Some may prefer stimulate natural environment for fish, while others choose artificial ornaments like an

How to Set up a Fish Aquarium Air Pump

An aquarium air pump is one of the most fundamental and versatile devices. Basically it works in two aspects. On the one hand, it helps generate adequate air for the fish. As the fish grow bigger, they need more oxygen. Besides, water gets warmer when summer comes, which leads to a low capacity of holding

Great Lighting for Your Planted Fish Aquarium

Are you going to grow some water plants in your fish tank? To be honest, I think it is a great idea to have some real water plants in a fish aquarium. Because on the one hand, real water plants are vivid and natural decorations; on the other hand, grow real water plants can consume

Tips for Moving Your Fish to Their New Home

I think many of you might pet fish in a fishbowl at home. Fishbowl is a great thing for the new fish owners to know more about your fish and also learn how to pet them better. However, fish need room to swim – would you be happy living in a tiny bowl? The Humane

Fish Care: How to Care Your Fish in Spring

Now that weather is becoming warmer, as a fish parent as you, it is the right time to give your fish tank a thoroughly cleaning so that create a new and healthy home for your fish again. And spring is a quite good season to let your fish happy and shine again. If you are

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Fish Aquarium

Spring might easily make fish tank dirty and since winter is not a good time for you to clean the fish tank regularly and thoroughly, March is a right time to let your fish tank have a good thoroughly cleaning. Furthermore, a clean fish aquarium is good for your house’s Feng Shui. Hence, how about