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Pet Supplies that Make Your Dog Comfortable

Dog parents value their dogs like their children. As a dog parent, I always look for dog products that create a sweet and comfortable home for my dog. When you choose dog supplies for your dog, make sure they are made of non-toxic material and won’t cause any allergy. They has to be safe enough

Best Gifts for Your Dog: Coolest and Cutest Dog Clothes

Parents always want to give whatever they have to their children. For many people, dogs are like their babies. Dog parents are also eager to offer the best dog supplies to their dogs. A thoughtful dog parent cares about his dog in every aspect. Not to mention the dog clothing. Personally speaking, I love to

Necessary Dog Supplies for Your Dog This Summer

Keeping a dog is not as simple as we think it is. We have to take care of him, such as feeding, training, medical care, dressing and so on. To better look after your pooch, there are some necessary dog supplies you have to prepare for your dog this summer. Read on and see if

Comfortable and Fashionable Dog Shoes

Many dog owners enjoy purchasing numerous dog clothes for their dogs. Some of them buy many fancy accessories like collars with different patterns and colors. Buying dog supplies is a way to express your love and care to your dog. Have you ever thought about buying dog shoes for him? Dog shoes can protect your

Arthritic in Dogs

Arthritic in dogs is one of the most common diseases happening in one out of three canine patients. This is a common problem with older pets in particular or pets who have injuries which led to problems developing to arthritic. The main cause of arthritic is being excessively heavy. So they could be a little

Obesity in Dogs

It is estimated that about 50 percent of dogs at the age of 5 to 11 are obese or are likely to become obese. The common causes of obesity in dogs are too much feeding and too little exercise. Many dog owners don’t realize their dogs are obese until they take their dogs to the

Dog Dental Disease and Treatment

Dog parents concern about everything about their dogs, especially dog health. One of my previous posts is about the overview of dog diseases and syndrome. To help you know more about dog diseases, I’m going to talk about certain common dog diseases in detail in the next few posts. In this post, I will introduce

How to Choose Dog Food?

Dog owners treat their dogs as one of the family members. They buy different dog supplies like dog clothes, dog houses and dog toys. Dog food is the top concern. Maybe you have changed your dog’s food many times. Maybe you are going to have a new dog. All of you are facing the same

Basic Guides of Feeding Your Dog

Owning a dog is very amazing, but feeding one can be a bit troublesome. Many questions come up when you feed your dog. What should I feed ? How often should I feed my dog? What dog supplies should I buy? These may be the most confusing problems for you. Read on and you will