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How to Keep Your Dog Safe in Summer

Summer is a good opportunity to take your dog out for interesting outdoor activities. He can get close to the nature and do more exercise. You should pay attention to the heat in summer. It may cause pain and discomfort when it is too hot. Sometimes, it is hard to tell if your dog isn’t

5 Smart Products for Pets

Smart hardware can easily open up the market because it has specific targets like the pregnant or the infants. Likewise, smart products for pets are increasing gradually as well. High-tech products are no longer solely designed for human beings. If you are keeping pets and keen on the latest technology, there have been many pet

Things You Should Know About Dressing up Your Dog

When it comes to dog clothes, some people think that it is unnecessary to make your dog wear clothes. They have hair and natural coats. Maybe dogs don’t like to wear clothes like human. Others think it is a good way to express their love to their dogs. Because of the increasing popularity, there are

Instruction of Setting up Underground Electric Dog Fence

It is estimated that more than 1,000,000 dogs are hit by cars and 60,000 are lost and stolen every year. Since dogs like to run and explore everywhere, the chance that they get injured is even higher. It is important to train your dog to stay in the safe zone. Now with the help of

Things You Should Know About Homemade Dog Food

Dogs can suffer from allergies due to many reasons. Some of them are allergic to the ingredients of their food. Experts suggest that some certain food should be avoided, such as chocolate, raisins, garlic, avocados, onions, grapes and Macadamia nuts. Now many commercial food contains byproducts, fillers, preservatives and chemicals. If you want to feed

No More Boredom: Ideas of Entertaining Your Dog

As much as we want to keep our pets company all the time, we still have work to do. When we are away, dogs can get bored and try to entertain themselves. Some of them may have destructive behavior. The reason why they tend to be troublemakers is that they have excess energy. Lacking of

Arthritic in Dogs

Arthritic in dogs is one of the most common diseases happening in one out of three canine patients. This is a common problem with older pets in particular or pets who have injuries which led to problems developing to arthritic. The main cause of arthritic is being excessively heavy. So they could be a little

Dog Dental Disease and Treatment

Dog parents concern about everything about their dogs, especially dog health. One of my previous posts is about the overview of dog diseases and syndrome. To help you know more about dog diseases, I’m going to talk about certain common dog diseases in detail in the next few posts. In this post, I will introduce

Common Signs and Treatments of Dog Illnesses

Dogs are energetic and like to wander around. So it is much easier for them to get sick. Some illnesses are torturous, while some can be fatal. If you can spot the illness in time, it can be cured as soon as possible. As a dog parent, it is important for you to be aware