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Tropical Aquarium: Step by Step

From the desire to have a tropical aquarium to the spectacle of having the fish swimming in there, it is necessary to make some decisions, to acquire the apparatuses, to assemble and finally to maintain the aquarium. At first, everything seems complicated, but here are some simplified steps to ease the process for beginners. Step

How to Start an Aquarium?

We all need a place to shelter and kids need a place to play around, which is the same case for fish. Fish enthusiast knows deeply how to create a home for fish in their home. However, if you are newer to pet fish, it may be difficult for you. I have read a variety

How to Pick and Care for Pet Fish

People own fish for many reasons. Studies have shown that people who watch fish have lower stress levels. They are also ideal pet for people who are allergic to other common pets. Fish come in all shapes, sizes and colors, salt water and fresh water species. They can be kept in a large or small

Fish Tank Decoration Tips

A fish tank should be a comfortable place for your fish to live at. Nowadays, people are not just satisfied with offering a cozy residence for their fish. They want to ornament the fish tank to make it a better place to live. There are many aquarium decorations in the market as the industry has

Great Lighting for Your Planted Fish Aquarium

Are you going to grow some water plants in your fish tank? To be honest, I think it is a great idea to have some real water plants in a fish aquarium. Because on the one hand, real water plants are vivid and natural decorations; on the other hand, grow real water plants can consume

Tips for Moving Your Fish to Their New Home

I think many of you might pet fish in a fishbowl at home. Fishbowl is a great thing for the new fish owners to know more about your fish and also learn how to pet them better. However, fish need room to swim – would you be happy living in a tiny bowl? The Humane

Artificial Luminous Coral Brighten Fish Tank This Winter!

There is a common fact most of the people who own fish or more have a plain and boring tank. As many people will think it is very trouble and time-consuming to clean both the fish aquarium and its decorations insides. To keep the aquarium clean is enough. Is it really enough? I don’t think

Colorful Artificial Coral for Fish Tank

Do you think fish is special pet? Since they are beautiful and living in the water which decide fish are not only pets you can keep, but also fish can provide a fantastic view while they are swimming. Fish and their living place – aquarium, even if it is a small size fish tank, can