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Goldfish is a freshwater fish, which is one of the earliest fish to be domesticated and it is one of the most commonly kept aquarium fish. Recently, half of my goldfish die in my aquarium, I am so sad about it so I look up for some tips which can stop this from happening effectively, to hope that these tips can help you too.
 aquarium fish tank Animal protein feed or white sesame seed will be good for your goldfish. Animal protein feed such as earthworm, water flea and bud worm. Sesame is the easiest thing you can get in the market. So if you think the animal protein feed is difficult to find, you can also feed your gold fish sesame. As goldfish love to eat these I mentioned and for their better digestion, you should abandon the bad fodder because it has lower nutrition and makes the aquarium fish tank get dirty quickly.
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 aquarium fish tankFeed your goldfish regularly. It is very crucial that you need to feed your goldfish twice a day. First time is in the morning and the other time is at nightfall. Meanwhile, control the amount of fodder you feed. It is not wise to feed your goldfish so much.

 aquarium fish tankSunlight is very important for goldfish. If what circumstance is allowed, giving your fish 1-2 hours sunbathing will be better for their health. Or you can also buy UVC Led aquarium light.
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led aquarium lightChange aquarium water weekly or in period time. Remember that only 1/3 or 1/4 water you can change in the aquarium because if you change too much, the fish will get sick. Keep the water clean is essential.
 aquarium fish tankThe fish density matters most. Do not keep too much fish in a small aquarium. Check what size of fish tank you have, you’d better measure the length, height and width of the tank. If you have a 40cm length, 25cm width, 30cm height tank, you could keep 5-8 little goldfish. In a word, less is better than more.

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Hope you will get something in my tips and keep your gold fish healthy.

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