Snap up Guide: To Get a Teclast M89 PRO Tablet For $0.1


With the Banggood summer prime sale turning into the blowout stage, the discounts, coupons and free gifts are turning in top form. The Snap-up special activity is going in synchronization with the Banggood summer prime sale to offer you with the best deal this summer. The activity will be at 16:00 on July 9th and end at 16:00 on July 12th. Here I will share a guide on how to join the Snap-up special activity to help you snatch the desired one.

 Banggood summer prime sale

To Get The Product List

To begin with, what products will be available in the activity must be the most important thing we need to know because it determines how much attention you should pay to the deal. This activity will compose of two parts. One is to snatch a product only by paying $0.1, which must be the best for you; the other one is to snap up a product available for you at a super low price. Here I have to highlight the products that you should not miss. For example, Eachine EV100 FPV Goggles, Teclast M89 PRO Tablet, Ulefone ARMOR 6E Smartphone, UMIDIGI smartphone. Original Box Chuwei H9i tablet and Dooge Y8 are available for you at $0.1. If there are any items that you do not want to miss, please click the button “alert me” so that you can not miss the deal you desire.

To Know the Rules:

Secondly, before joining the activity, there is a necessity for you to know fully about the rules of the activity. Starting from 16:00 of July 9th to 16: 00 of July 12th, the activity will be available for you one round every four hours. Once the snap-up items in a snap-up activity are snatched out, the snap-up activity will end and you need to wait for the next one. So if there are any items that you do not want to miss, please click the button “alert me” so that you can not miss the deal you desire.

For more information about the snap up, please check here.

To Get The Tips:

Finally, to succeed in snapping up the items you want, here are some tips you should get:

  1. Before joining the activity, please register if you have not been the Banggood member and if you have been a member of Banggood, please make sure you log in to the Banggood web before the snap upbegins.
  2. Please finish your shipping address and set as it defaulted shipping address.
  3. To make sure the network speed goes smoothly and keep your device smoothly operate, you can close all the apps and keep only the Banggood app working.

4.PayPal is the only payment method you can use for Snap-up items, so sign up if you don’t have an account. And you should also make sure there is enough money in the binding bank card of your PayPal account.

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