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Dogs – particularly puppies and young dogs – are full of energy, and if they do not get the chance to burn it off, destructive behavior will appear to the result. The best way you can do is to play with your dog.
dog suppliesActually, it is very easy for us to play with our puppies, only if you are willing to play with him, he will always be there and wait for you. Sometime, I can’t help to think about the time I played with my dog. Dog is attractive to let you be happy. Once you play with him, you will know that he is not just a pet, he is your friend, your family member, even your child. This is a very amazing feeling. And I believe you will have the same feeling after you play with your doggie. So here are some easy games you can play with your dog in your free time.

dog suppliesHide and seek. This is still my favorite game with my dog. As it is a game that easy to play without any dog supplies to support you. First, you need to put your dog on a sit-down standby position, then you seek a place to hide. When you are ready you can call your dog to find you.

dog suppliesLet your dog chase after you. Also this is an easy game too. All you need is to fake run at the begin, when you get your dog’s attention he will chase you first, after he catches you, you can chase him instead. However, I always cannot reach my dog when it is my turn to chase him.

dog suppliesTug of war is one of the hottest games with dog. Here, you need to give your dog an interesting toy such as dog puppy rope tool ball, tennis ball and so on. To start with, you need to attract his attention, then when he begins to bite the side of the toy, you can pull with a little strength and wait him to pull back. It is so funny to watch your dog face become cute and different.

Dog Puppy Rope Tool

Dog Puppy Rope Tool

Dog Puppy Rope Tool

Dog Puppy Rope Tool If you have interesting games to play with your dog, you could also share the game with us.

dog supplies

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