Pet tracking: All you need to know


There is new technology that provides a dog tracking system that is not only easy to use but affordable. This makes it so easy to keep track of any dog from a puppy on up, anytime day or night. It alleviates the stress of having to hunt down a lost pet.

The device uses a global positioning system (GPS) microchip that is small and it easily attaches to the dogs collar. It serves as a communications transmitter. GPS’s are the most used navigational devices used in the world.

Pet Tracker

The GPS transmitter is lightweight attaches easily to a dog’s collar and is simple to use. It works as a communication device that interacts with satellites orbiting the world. Those satellites then communicate back to the receiver with data on their location and coordinates. That data enables the receiver to pin point an exact and precise location that the communication was sent from here on Earth.

Types of GPS Trackers For Pets

GPS Pet Collars
GPS collars are probably the most common Pet Tracker that are available in the market. It is also the most commonly used tracking device by pet owners. There are various companies that manufacture GPS collars and each of these manufacturers offer special features for their device. There are those that have a battery-saving feature on the collar part. There are also those that have modifiable signals, allowing the pet owner to narrow or widen the range diameter to several feet.

There are also those that have strobe lights that switches on when activated, allowing the owner to still identify and locate his pet despite wandering off to a certain distance. Receivers for these tracking devices also have different special features. For instance, there are receivers that also serve as the collar’s charger. There are GPS tracking devices that do not make use of a cellular phone modem but rather makes use of MURS (154.60 MHz). This is a particularly economically useful feature because it saves the owner from paying for additional monthly communication costs.

GPS Knapsacks
There are also GPS knapsacks, although these are less common when compared to GPS collars. There are those that periodically send the pet’s location to the owner controlling the receiver. There are trackers that contain a number of features on the receiver, including a memory card slot, an area calculator, a waterproof exterior and a lot of other special features.

GPS Halters
There are also GPS halters that can be worn on pets in order to track its location, in case it gets lost. Again, there are different special features on this kind of pet tracker, depending on the manufacturer. There are those that finds the pet within a mile, regardless of what direction went to. There are those that can display a pet’s exact location, as well as its current velocity and movement. There are those that are very user-friendly and does not require installation.

There may still be a number of specialized tracking devices that are available in the market. At you will find variety of tracking devices that will suit your need.

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