Pet Photo Series that Melt Your Heart


If you’ve ever kept a pet and treated him or her like your family, the most painful thing is that they have shorter lifespan. They have been your constant companion and brought joy and happiness to your life. Why not capture the moment when you are together? Here are some of the creative and heart-melting photo series and see if you can get inspiration and create yours.

pet photo series

Pastel Deaths is one of the private photograph projects of Emir Ozsahin, a turkey photographer. In this photo series, Emir tries to capture those dead animals in a gentle and warm way. He wanted to express how he felt about death. Death is sentimental and sad but inevitable. Emir tried to convey it in a more positive way. The tranquility and peace may console you and encourage you to handle the death of your pet. In these photos, the dead animals lie peacefully on a tiny bed, bathtub or deck chair like they are asleep. It is more easily for us to accept the fact they are gone.

pet photo seriespet photo seriespet photo series

More and more couples are willing to let their pet join their wedding photo shooting. Owners want their pet to share the most important moment no matter what they are trying to present. Actually you pet can get dressed because now they have exclusive pet wedding dress. Or you may dress him or her some simple wedding accessories. A garland head band or a bowtie will make your pet look cute and adorable.

pet photo seriespet photo seriespet photo series

There are always creative pet photo series. In this photo series, Petheadz that is created by Canadian photographer Zach Rose, combines the head of a pet with the owner’s body in front of camera. They present the same pose and some pets even get dressed like their owners. This is so much fun.

pet photo seriespet photo series

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