Decorate Your Fish Tank Better

As fish keeper as us, we all know that water plants are always very popular decoration in our fish aquarium. Without the magical plants, fish tank will be monotonous and boring. Also, for fish, plants can offer a place that fish could have fun, sleep and enjoy. Hence, if you have a perfect aquarium, complete

How to Care For a Hamster

Hamsters are too cute and wonderful pets and with the right amount of care and love, they can be your best friend. And by this essay, I would like to share the experience of hamster caring, hope it will help some of whom have little knowledge of keeping a hamster. The very beginning is to

Prevention of Missing Your Dog

Every year, millions of dogs do get lost and millions of them never returned again to their owners. It is a tragedy as no dog owner is willing to lose his/her beloved dog. The reason why dog miss should be blame on dog owners because we ignore to do prevention. Hence, to reduce to odds

New Cat Toy: Glove Kitten Teaser

What are the differences between keeping a dog and keeping a cat at your house? Recently, I read a funny article about those differences and I am so agree with the author. In fact, the differences between dog and cat are obvious. Here are some examples showing the divergence of dog and cat. Dog bites

Winter Classical Dog Hoodie

Even though it is still autumn, fashion always heads advance to give us the guide on how to dress up, what the trend is in this year. As a dog lover, I focus on the fashion of dog more than for myself. I’d like to say, to pick my dog good and pretty clothes is

Submersible Air Pump for Fish

Even though fishes do not have lungs, they get their oxygen from the water by their own way to live in. They use their ‘lungs’ to get oxygen from the air, so the oxygen in the water that fishes absorb is called dissolved oxygen. As we all know, air has 21 percent oxygen while oxygen

Whistle for Better Dog Training

To train puppies is not an easy work for all of the dog owners. Especially, your lovely dog is a naughty guy. So, both time and patience should be needed. But don’t worry about that, there are always some ways to let your dog listen to you. If you never try whistle training before, give

Chew Ball Play Toy for Tug of War

No one will disagree that young dogs or puppies are the naughtiest ones in the world. They are full of energy and have the best destruction ability. They seem never to be tired, all the things in your house will be their toys, and you shoes, your furniture, even your clothes, whatever they can reach

Special Led Dog Collar

After dinner, I always walk with my dog Rocky. I’d love to spend time with my lovely Rocky and every time, I get ready to take him to walk, he is so exciting and full of energy. Since Halloween and Christmas is coming soon, I always think about giving Rocky a great present. As my