New Cat Toy: Glove Kitten Teaser


What are the differences between keeping a dog and keeping a cat at your house? Recently, I read a funny article about those differences and I am so agree with the author. In fact, the differences between dog and cat are obvious.

cat suppliesHere are some examples showing the divergence of dog and cat. Dog bites all the things in house while cat scratch furniture; dog can easily understand what you say and what you teach him to do while cat is hard to be taught; dog have different emotional face and activities while cat only have the same face, etc. Keeping a dog requires more attention and exercise as dog is social and gregarious while cat is more independent. However, cat needs your care and attention too. If you keep a kitten in your house, to play with her often is a good way to get bonding with each other.

cat supplies Glove Kitten Teaser Toy cat supplies

So, I’d like to recommend you a new cat toy: glove kitten teaser toy. To attract kitten’s attention, this toy gets the leopard printed color which shows its wild and makes the cat feel intimate with this glove teaser toy. The material of this glove kitten teaser toy is plush, once you wear it, it will protect your hand during play with the cat and also make you feel comfortable. Besides, there are 4 little pompons of each finger glove that increase fun when you play with your cat.

cat supplies

Glove Kitten Teaser Toy

Glove Kitten Teaser Toy

Glove Kitten Teaser Toy

Even though cat is independent, she still wants to accompany with her owner and also play with her owner. Also, to play with your cat is an important part which can improve the relationship with each other and train your cat at the same time. Actually, there are lots of cat supplies which can help you train with your cat as well.

Glove Kitten Teaser Toy

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