Loskii PT-10 Pet Tracker Review


Everyone has a sob story about the time their dog disappeared. Whether it is due to leave your gate open accidentally, jumping over your not-so-high fence, or chasing females in the neighborhood, we always have to keep an eye on our vivacious pet. Mine smelled a juicy steak nearby and went out to get it, like a gentleman. However, after a few situations during which I was out of my mind worrying, now I don’t have to lose any sleep over my dog’s mischief. There is Loskii PT-10 Pet Bluetooth Tracker to find him for me.

Bluetooth Tracker


This Bluetooth tracker helps you not to lose sight of your pet ever again. It is extremely easy to use and handle, with its new technology that spends very little energy, but also works well with the appropriate ITracing application.

Furthermore, pets are not the only item this little device can find, there is also your luggage, and, believe it or not, your children. It will locate them unmistakably. You only need to hang the tracker onto your dog’s body in order to never lose track of him – its small but compact dimensions won’t disturb him or distract him from his actions in any way, and you won’t have to worry about him getting lost.

Bluetooth Tracker

Loskii PT-10 knows what to do in every situation – if the iTag is out of range, your phone automatically becomes an alarm. It is unbelievably simple for connected devices to find one another within range –which also means the days of losing your phone, or not being sure where it is, are numbered. A revolutionary mechanism is going to mark a pin-drop automatically wherever your dog was lost. Not hearing the alarm is not an issue here, because you see everything on a map. One press of a button finds the connected devices quickly and easily. When Loskii is paired up with a Bluetooth via phone, it can also serve as a remote control – which can simultaneously take pictures.

Bluetooth Tracker



To sum up, for the price of 3,5 dollars, Loskii PT-10 Bluetooth tracker is a must-have. You surely won’t be able to find any other device who is more practical, more useful and more multi-functional than this one, because there simply isn’t any. The services it offers may look trifle, especially nowadays, but it always comes in handy, especially if you are older or more absent-minded, and tend to lose different things (and pets) often. It may seem like nothing much, but it serves its purpose, it’s compact and it’s not expensive. How many products are there that you can label as such? Loskii PT-10 Pet tracker is most certainly a gadget every house should have.


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