Let Your Fish Aquarium Own Its Professional Design


Have you ever wondered how people make their fish tank look unbelievably gorgeous? Did they find some designers to make the tank so professionally designed? Actually, everyone can have professional design by your own. Several tips and steps will give you a fantasy fish aquarium.

fish aquarium

Choose a natural-colored gravel or sand. To give a really ‘natural’ look is to put 1/2 aquarium-designated sand, 1/2 play sand which like the kind you’d put in a sand box. Sand from beach or your local fish store should be thoroughly rinsed of soluble material with a fine mesh. This will both mimic your fish’s natural habitat and appeal to the eye. However, be aware that play sand in a marine tank will cause diatoms and sand in general might prevent your live plants from expanding their roots and thus minimize their growth.

fish aquarium

fish aquariumLive plants or artificial plastic plants can decorate tank. Live plants have the thing that silk or plastic plants can’t imitate as they can breathe and grow. However, artificial plastic plants get the advantage that they are easy to clean and never die. So, it is your choice to pick up some plants for your fish tank to make your tank more vivid.

Artificial Plastics Plants

Artificial Plastics PlantsArtificial Plastics PlantsSelect decorations. It’s best to use natural decorations such as driftwood and coconut halves because they are less likely to harm your fish. If you want to use artificial decorations, rocks, logs and other things that can mimic the appearance of real thing will be good. Remember to pick non-toxic material decorations since you do not want your fish get hurt.

Artificial Plastics Plants

Purchase or DIY background to your fish aquarium. It rather only a ordinary action for your fish but a bonding time sharing with them. The process will be enjoyable as well !

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