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With an estimated 11 million birds living as pets within America, parrots are now thought to be the fourth most common household pets after dogs, cats, and fish. Actually, parrots can be amazing companion animals. They are highly trainable which can be cuddly and affectionate. And if treated correctly they will form very strong bonds with their care takers. Besides, they are such social and intelligent bird that they demand a huge amount of attention and mental stimulation in order to thrive. If you treat them in a wrong way, they might be aggressive.

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pet suppliesIf you’ve heard any warning words about parrots, it is probably that they bite, scream and make a mess. However, in the wild, parrots might not be as messy as they seem, they don’t ‘scream’, also they rarely bite. So surprisingly, these three behaviors are not a given in your home. You can try to figure out these situations.

Parrots Are Messy
Are parrots really messy? If you had to crack shells, strip bark, hollow out trees and forage through foliage to find your food, you would be pretty good at making a mess in the right environment, too. They just make a living, not make a mess. Parrots need the opportunity to play and explore with their beaks and feet. If you would prefer your parrot does not strip and hollow your furniture, give him a bird parrot toy to play with.
Bird Parrot Toy

Bird Parrot Toy

Bird Parrot Toy

Bird Parrot ToyParrots Scream
Parrots in the wild do not need to sit in the same place and scream for a half an hour in order to interact with their companions. As pet, parrots learn scream to get our attention. So screaming is a warning that you need to care about your parrot.
Bird Parrot Toy

Bird Parrot ToyParrots Bite
Parrots rarely need to bite in the wild. For the most part the threat of a bite keeps parrots out of each other’s personal space. People, on the other hand, miss the body language and don’t back off until they get bitten. Respect your parrot’s body language and watch it closely. If you ignore its pinning eyes or some other sign and pick it up anyway, you are teaching your pet bird to bite.

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