I’m Thinking about How to Make My Dog Happier After Watching ‘A Dog’s Purpose’


Yesterday, I have been the cinema to watch the movie, A Dog’s Purpose, with my boyfriend. I have got to say that, it was actually a touching movie, since me and my boyfriend both have cried. Although a dog might never understand human’s world, it’s kind of loyalty and it always sense your feeling, so that it could give you comfort when you are down. And after watching this, I began to think about how could we treat our dogs better, and give them a wonderful life.

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  1. Pet Your Dog

Take some time of the day to share with your dog and get that of this routine, a quality time. Take advantage of it to caress it in foldable dog carrier, hug it or give it a relaxing massage on legs and thighs. Dogs, especially those who are older, love physical contact, especially if it comes from the person they feel the most affection for.

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  1. Walking

Try to walk with your dog in dog clothes wholesale every day, you can go to a nearby park, take it to the beach or a path, any space where you can walk next to your pet and spend quality time with her. Remember that interaction with new spaces, elements and smells is very important for the proper development of your pet, this will increase your known universe, will make you more confident in the face of new experiences.

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  1. Keep your dog active

Dogs are very energetic animals and need physical activity. Use a few minutes of your day to play with him, you can be playing to throw the ball, take a long walk in the park or take it to a place where you can go hiking. This will be very good for your pet, because through the game, it stimulates your intelligence, learns skills and interacts with different elements and environments.

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  1. Reward your good behavior

It stimulates your dog and facilitates his education process by rewarding him when he behaves well. Whether with treats, caresses or toys, as soon as your dog does something that you asked or responds to a certain type of training, congratulate and reinforce this behavior through positive conditioning. This way, your dog will be more than willing to follow your instructions or follow the rules of the home.

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