I Helped My Pregnant Cat for Giving Birth, Here Are Tips from My Experience


Recently, my cats have delivered three little cute kittens. I am pretty sure that the birth of these little kittens is one of the best things that have ever happened in my life. However, when I think of the day they are born, it was kind of nervous for me. Everything was new to me, although I have done research when I have noticed my cat is pregnant. So, there are a few things that I want to share with you.

cat carrier

To get a box as birthing for your pregnant cat might not be inevitable. Actually, I found a big box, and I placed some soft clothes in the box. However, it turns out that my cat gave birth to its kittens in my closet. She will find her favorite place somehow, so you might need to find out where she like and get it ready as for the safe delivery with clean towel. And keep in mind that you should take it outside in the cat carrier as less as possible.

cat carrier

Your pregnant cat will act quiet differently, and all the little details will show you that your cat is ready. My cat did scratch my door hardly before the birth, and she meow more often than usual. So, pay attention to the details such as her appetite, water consumption and how often she goes to the toilet from cat stuff for sale.

cat carrier

Food is important. Your cat will need the food during the delivery. Yes, it’s true. My pregnant cat eats a can of wet recipe after she only gave birth to two of the three kittens, which also means that cat do need energy as giving birth.

cat carrier

There was a problem that came up in the labor. My cat didn’t know to cut the umbilical cords. So, I had to keep the disinfected scissors and cotton thread aside. Tight up the umbilical cord, and cut it.

cat carrier-5

If it’s your first time, I bet that you will be as hurry-scurry as I do. However, don’t forget to keep your camera close, because there are many valuable memories should be recorded as photos.

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