How to Walk Two Dogs on a Leash?


In this post, I want to talk about how to walk two dogs on a leash. That is one of the things you want to be able to do without pulling. You’ll need the two ways pet leash. The important thing you need to realize is that you should make sure you can walk each of the two dogs individually without problem like pulling. They listen to your sitting and downing and won’t be getting around situations that may cause a dog to start barking or going crazy about people.

walk two dogs

The dog supplies are easy to use and control especially you have two dogs. The next thing we do is that when we get the two together, I personally like them on one side of me only. I don’t want to look on both sides when walking down the road. In that way, I am able to look at one direction and see where my dogs are.

walk two dogs

Grab the leash with your right hand and use left hand to control either one. For example, if one of them starts to move out in front, withdraw his leash and come back to grab two leashes. During the walk, you want to be praiseful and encouraging. It doesn’t matter which one is on which side.

walk two dogs

The other important thing is obedience. We want them to know we are in control in all time. Of course there is obstacle they have to deal with. You can stop and praise them. It takes practice but it is not that hard once you got each one of them walk well on a leash by themselves. Start out in your yard, start out with lower distraction. If you have a problem, you can reach the leash and say no. then come back to grab two.

walk two dogs

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