How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Furniture


Even though your kitten is so sweet and cute, once when she starts scratching furniture, you will consider she is a naughty girl. As you think, clawing off furniture and other household furnishings, rugs, and objects are destructive behavior. Yet, from the cat’s point of view, it’s a natural behavior that following a biological need to keep her claws in top shape, as well as providing a form of exercise for her shoulders, legs, and paws through stretching and retracting. Scratching probably makes your kitten feel really good!
Cat supplies Hence, you need to know and appreciate the purpose of scratching or clawing. Cat doesn’t scratch to give you grief. However, you could not just let your cat scratching your favorite furnishings, so you need to do something to stop your cat wrecks them.

Cat supplies

Purchase a scratching post for your cat. A scratching post is the answer to kitten scratching problem, but it will take time to encourage your cat to use it. Cat scratching box board will be profitable for your cat. This section can give kitten plate mill claw used as toys and also give her a bed to sleep. To guide your cat uses it, you can sprinkle some catnip on the box board or use some snacks to lure she to catch so the cat will not grab the family furniture.
Cat supplies

Cat Scratching Box Board

Cat Scratching Box BoardSay ‘No’ to your cat. Whenever your cat goes anywhere near a clawed piece of furniture, say ‘no’ to her. If it doesn’t work, rattle a can of pebbles or pennies to startle her. Then, pick her up and place her next to the scratching pole as a means of conditioning. Do not be angry or go into a nasty tirade against your cat as she is just simply following instincts.
Cat Scratching Box BoardAllow your cat some outside time where is possible. If your cat is already able to go in and out of the house, it is highly likely that she has found herself a tree or somewhere to scratch on. You can encourage this (unless it’s harming the tree) and continue to let her have appropriate outside time.
Cat Scratching Box BoardLast, be patient and understanding is what you need to do in this process.
Cat Scratching Box BoardMore things make your lovely cat happy are @ cat supplies.

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