How to Start an Aquarium?


We all need a place to shelter and kids need a place to play around, which is the same case for fish. Fish enthusiast knows deeply how to create a home for fish in their home. However, if you are newer to pet fish, it may be difficult for you. I have read a variety of guides on how to start an aquarium and sum up some useful points. In the following, I will share them with you and I hope it can give some help to you.

aquarium decorations

Guide on how to start an aquarium.

This is a step by step guide on how to start your aquarium as a beginner.

1. Look for a transparent and well-ventilated tank.

First, you need a home for the fish or rather a shelter. That is the tank; buy or come up with one that is large enough and well ventilated.

2. Carefully clean aquarium.

Avoid using any detergent as they might be harmful or toxic to the fish. Just warm is enough provided all the instructions are followed.

aquarium decorations

3. Fill your tank with clean water.

You now need to pour clean water into your tank using a bucket or any other utensil provided it is clean. The tank should be approximately one-third filled with water that is the normal room temperature, as this will help your tank gain stability and remain at the same place.

4. Design your ventilation to fit your aquarium.

Use aquarium check valve to safely locate the ventilation tube spaces of your aquarium, as this valve plays a major role by acting by blocking water in your aquarium if in case of power shortage.

aquarium decorations

5. Aquascape with decoration such as plants and rocks.

Place either plastic or live plants, but note that when there are live plants then make sure that the temperature within the aquarium favors them. Also, add any helpful aquarium decorations as they help hide your environment.

6. Now fill your tank to the top using clean water.

Pour water into the tank with the remaining clean water until it is full but leave at least a space between the top lid and water for some air.

aquarium decorations

7. Start your air conditions up and heater.

Plug in the air condition pump, and turn them on together with the heater. When all these are working then your aquarium is good to go. Fish needs the love and care just as much as we need that love, hence coming up with aquarium which is well decorated is supporting nature and even the creations of God.

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