How to Set up a Fish Aquarium Air Pump


An aquarium air pump is one of the most fundamental and versatile devices. Basically it works in two aspects. On the one hand, it helps generate adequate air for the fish. As the fish grow bigger, they need more oxygen. Besides, water gets warmer when summer comes, which leads to a low capacity of holding oxygen. On the other hand, the air pump can cause water motion which moves water through the filtration system. Having an air pump makes a difference to your fish aquarium.

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Mainly there are two types of air pumps, the electric and the battery-powered. The electric air pump is more popular and practical. You can plug it in with one or more outlets.  Once you decide you have an air pump, it is necessary for you to know how to install it properly. Before you install it, check it carefully and plug it in to see if it functions well. After that, read the setup instruction thoroughly for any tips or warnings.

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Determine the length of the plastic tubing. The air pressure gets weaker if the plastic tubing is too long. If the air pump is installed incorrectly, it may result in a back siphon of water. When the power goes out, a check valve can prevent back-siphoning water. Connect the plastic tubing to the air pump on one side and to the aquarium’s aerators or filters on another side.

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To better set up the air pump, you need more accessories. You would use airline tubing to connect the air pump to the air stone. You might need fish tank suction cups and clamps to secure tubing to the glass surface. You can use connectors to change the flow of the air through different airline tubes.

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After installing all of these accessories, check carefully to make sure that the installation conforms to the instruction. And then plug in your pump and adjust the setup if necessary.

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