How to Prevent Your Fish from Dying When You Are on Vocation


Feeding your fish every day is a good way to enhance the bond between you and your fish. It also helps you find out problems and see if your fish are eating regularly. Unluckily, there are some situations that you can’t feed your fish in person. When you are on vocation or on business, you fish still need to be looked after with the help of aquarium supplies. So it is important that you have a thorough plan about how to take care of your fish when you are away. Read the following suggestions and see if they can help you during your absence.

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The length of your vocation determines your plan of taking care of your fish. If you are going to have a holiday for at least one month, you should consider about the fish food. The feeding plan varies in the types of your fish. Most fish are omnivores, which means you can feed your fish food blocks. Food blocks are blocks containing fish food and dissolve gradually in the water as time goes by. Some of the omnivores are strict with diet of pellets and dried foods. You should have an automatic fish tank feeder prepared.

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The carnivores section needs an automatic feeder as well. As for the herbivores, you can feed them dried seaweed or vegetables and use the automatic feeder at the same time. If they have to be fed fresh vegetables, then you have to have someone come by and take care of them.

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Actually the best and safest method is to have someone take care of your fish. He should be responsible and has some basic knowledge of feeding fish and handling emergency. Before you leave, tell your friend how much he should feed the fish and if your fish need some special care. Ask him to see if there is any abnormal situation.

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Water is very important for your fish to live. Before you go on a vocation, change the water and this keeps the water clean. After you return, test the water and see if there is anything toxic or polluted.

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