How to Pick and Care for Pet Fish


People own fish for many reasons. Studies have shown that people who watch fish have lower stress levels. They are also ideal pet for people who are allergic to other common pets. Fish come in all shapes, sizes and colors, salt water and fresh water species. They can be kept in a large or small fish aquarium or even outside in ponds.

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No matter where your pet fish live, the health is determined by the water quality and the environment. Obviously, salt water fish need to be kept in salt water and fresh water fish need to be kept in fresh water. Water should be filtered to remove any waste product to keep the temperature at a suitable degree as fish are sensitive to sudden temperature changes.

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Include plants and aquarium decorations inside the aquarium to make the aquarium appealing to look at and also stimulate your fish at same time.

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Many people prefer to enjoy their fish outside and often have large species of like koi. Koi comes in different colors and sizes. They can get along with different a variety of species of fish. They can eat a variety of food. Under ideal conditions, koi species can live for over 30 years.

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If you keep your fish outside, you need to protect them from the temperature and environment extreme that can put their health at risk. As with any living thing, fish has specific needs. And for the first-time fish owners, fresh water fish are generally less expensive and their aquarium are easier to maintain than salt water fish.

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When introducing new fish to the existing fish, make sure you know the species. Some species of fish do not get along with other fish and may fight or eat them. New healthy fish may still carry parasites or bacterial diseases and even viral disease. These fish should be kept for a month in a separate tank before being introduced to the existing fish.

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If you’ve noticed any changes in your fish, it is better to contact your veterinarian. Check the water quality and temperature to make sure it is normal first. You may also notice missing scales. This may be a sign of fighting with other fish. Look at the abnormal behavior such as unusual swimming patterns or sluggishness.

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Veterinarians may recommend that you separate the sick fish to minimize the passing the illnesses to other fish. You veterinarian can come to your house to observe the fish and their environment and rule out environmental causes. But sometimes it is necessary for you to transport your fish to the veterinarian clinic. All species of fish need a loving and responsible owner to care for them. Make sure you pick the right pet for your family.

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