How to Improve Your Black Dog’s Coat?


In this post, we are going to talk about how to improve the color on a black dog’s coat. I have a black dog and sometimes the coat is very dull and kind of dusty-looking. Black dogs’ coat picks up every piece of dirt and dust around your home. If you are not feeding them the right food and brushing them the right and taking care of their coat the right way with the right dog products, it can become very dull.

improve black dog's coat

Let’s talk about food first. All we start with feeding your dog, black coated or other, a food that has lots of good meat protein. Meat should be the first ingredient. Avoid corn or any other grain as the first ingredient. The dog will absorb more and nutritionally it will make his coat look great.

improve black dog's coat

Secondly brush your dog’s coat at least once a week. Before that, prepare some dog supplies. I try to do it a couple of times a week. That’s going to take all of dead hair, dead skin and dirt out of the coat. They can make it look dull always wash with a PH balance shampoo specifically for the canine because their PH level is much different from a human’s PH level. So washing with the right type of shampoo and always rinsing all of that shampoo off will make their coat look better throughout the week or throughout the month.

improve black dog's coat

Lastly, in between the baths, you might want to think about wiping them down with the hypo-allergenic wipe or using some kinds of deodorizing spritzer and brushing them out throughout the month. Always make sure to dry your dog as much as possible because a wet dog’s coat is going to pick up more dirt and at the very end, make sure the black dog is wearing a bright collar and make that color pop.

improve black dog's coat

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