How to Groom Your Beagle?


It is very easy to groom a beagle. They are short-haired dogs, which is much easier to groom than those long-haired dogs. Though it is easy, the methods and steps are important. So how should we groom our beagles? What dog supplies should you prepare in advance? Read this post and you will find the answer.


If you have enough time, he should be groomed at least once every day. Of course, because the dog’s hair is short, you can also comb once every other day. No matter what, make sure to groom him to keep it clean. If you don’t groom him timely, their hair will become messy and may harbor bacteria.


To groom your beagle, first you need to prepare some related grooming tools. There are many pet supplies online which are inexpensive and convenient to buy. Because their hair is short, those common brushes won’t help. Parents can choose a professional brush. When combing your dog, you can start from the beagle’s head and then down the cheeks, ears, neck, and the rest of the body. Groom from the neck to the shoulders, back, chest, on both sides of the body, abdomen, hips, and then the legs, and tail.


When combing your dog for the first time, you should follow the direction of hair growth, and the second time comb in reverse the direction of hair growth. Finally comb the hair like the first time and then you are done. During the process of combing, carefully observe the beagle’s fur and see if there’s any abnormal situation. If so, solve it timely to avoid severe skin disease or hair losing. Some dogs may be nervous the first time they are groomed. You can reward them when they behave well. This can help them stay calm and do the grooming easily.


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