How to Feed Your Gold Fish?


How to feed your gold fish? What is a good routine for feeding? Gold fish is a scavenger. They eat here and there all day long. So the best way that we can feed our gold fish is to try to mimic that as closely as possible. And of course this is easiest to do if you are home a lot. Every few hours you can toss a little bit of food in it but not everybody is. Even if you can just feed them two different times a day, that’s really helpful. Avoid feeding all their food in one sitting each day because that will overload their digest system. To help you feed you gold fish, you may need some aquarium supplies.

gold fish feeding

If you can’t feed them several times a day because of long working hours, you can look into getting an automatic fish tank feeder. Some people recommend against auto feeders because they are unpredictable and they might spill all the food. But I’ve been used this automatic feeder for years and I never had a problem like that. It’s always been reliable. I found it to be a really good way to feed my fish. You can set it once or twice a day.

gold fish feedinggold fish feedinggold fish feeding

Or you may have an auto feeder with more modes. You can set it to how many intervals you want. It also helps fish to be more active because they can constantly find food all day so they keep swimming around looking for food. It improves their activity levels and also greatly improves their growth rate. My fish seem a lot more healthy and active when I use the automatic feeder.

gold fish feedinggold fish feeding

It’s not right for everyone but if you think you use it responsibly like not overloaded with so much food, then it is a great tool.

gold fish feeding

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