How to Create a Cat-Friendly Home?


Once you’ve decided to keep a cat, you have to make preparation for the new addition beforehand. Of course this might be easy for those owners who’ve had a cat before. But for those first-time cat parents, it can be a little bit difficult to take everything into consideration. Here are some tips and cat supplies we’d like to share with you and hope they can help you out.

cat-friendly home

First and foremost, you want to make sure you provide the right food for your cat. For more information about cat food, you can read our previous post about the comparison of dry food and canned food. Also be sure you always provide fresh and clean water for your cat. You’ll need a water bowl. I’ll recommend this pet automatic water feeder that is convenient and easy to use. All you need to do is to fill the bottle with water, turn it upside down to fit the bowl.

cat-friendly home

To create a warm and sweet home for your cat, you must have a comfortable bed for him or her to sleep on. Since winter is coming, it is good to keep your feline friend warm with this pet strawberry sponge nest. Its special shape guarantees ventilation and keep your cat warm at the same time. There are five sharp colors to choose. Each one of them is very adorable and your cat would love it. cat-friendly homecat-friendly homecat-friendly home

Cats are very playful animals. They like scratching or walking on your dinner table. Don’t worry. You can buy your cat some interesting toys. Your cat can play with them for hours. There are many kinds of cat toys such as squeaky toys, chasing toys, treat toys and so on. What’s the best playmate of a cat? I’ll say a mouse. A remote control mouse toy can activate your cat to chase and run so your cat won’t get bored any more. Its realistic appearance will for sure stimulate your friend and it is a good way to interact with your cat. cat-friendly homecat-friendly home

A cat-friendly home must be a safe home as well. Before bring your cat home, install a flap locking pet door. This small door allows your cat come in and out without opening the door, which is good for your home security. Also you can lock the small door if you want to keep him or her at home, especially during the horrible weather. There are four locking ways for you to choose. For example, you cat can only enter from the outside but not go out again. Isn’t it thoughtful and convenient?

cat-friendly homecat-friendly homecat-friendly home

Of course these are the basic preparation. As your cat grows older, you’ll realize there are more cat products you need to buy. But take it easy. You can consult your veterinarian. You’ll become a great cat parent with your love and care.

cat-friendly home

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