How to Buy Your Lovely Dog Charming and Healthy Clothes


I love animals especially dogs as they are smart, cute and sweet, having a dog is like having a baby, you would like to give the best to them and also, to dress them like a prince or princess.

Dog clothes

As for me, dog clothes are the first thing I will think of to my lovely dog. But not all the clothes are suitable for all dogs, so you could not choose the one which is just beautiful but not good for your dog’s health. Here I want to share some tips with you.

To begin with, check if your dogs have chunky fur longhaired, you’d better avoid to buy them thick clothes. Even though in winter, the dogs themselves have the ability to regulate their temperature, the longhaired dog can do it better, so the principle of choosing the dog clothes is: light, loose and comfortable.


Do check the material of the clothes. Some dog clothes have chemical which will bad for your lovely dog even you think your dog have fur. Remember that dog clothes not just a decoration. Pure cotton will be good for your dogs.

Dog clothes

Keep cleaning your doggy clothes once a week. Because dogs like playing outside so their clothes will get dirty quickly, you need to clean their clothes regularly in order to keep them healthy and beautiful in clothes.

Dog clothes

Dog clothes

Before you buy clothes for you dog, do measure your dogs’ neck, bust and length. Please measure your dog size only when it stands, by the way, 2-3cm difference will be better.

Dog supplies will be needed when you dress up your dog. Clothes is just the start to dress up your dog, if you want your dog more attractive, you can buy some others dog cute supplies for your baby dog such as shoes, hat and bag.

Dog supplies

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