How to Arrange a Wedding Party for Your Pet


dog suit and tie

Last week, my fur friends got married. At that day, we held a wedding party for them to celebrate their marriage. Witnessing these two little adorable friends is the enjoyable thing for me. It is the first time for me to do that thing but it doesn’t matter because it is so successful and so sweet to go go a I imagined. Do you want to arrange a adorable wedding party for your fur friend like me? If you want, I think I can help you. Now, I will share a guide with you to give a sweet party for your fur friends.

  1. The first thingI prefer to do is to prepare a dog wedding dress and dog suit and tie because to dress them beautifully and handsomely is always the thing I enjoy. You’d better take your pet dogs together in order to buy a perfect wedding clothing for them. You can go to pet store where dog stuff are offered including the dog wedding outfits
  2. The second thing is that you should prepare a venue for wedding party. My pet’s wedding party was held in the backyard of my home. If you have one, it may be perfect for the party. But you have no, other outdoor places like a garden or a park are OK.
  3. The thirdthing you need to do is to make a list of guestsaccording to the size of venue, including friends and families of you together with the relatives and friends of your pet and others you want to invite.
  4. Thefourth is to decorate the party. Just decorate it like decorating a wedding party of human. Flowers, balloons and other decorations are necessary. But the decorations should be a mini one.
  5. The fifth is to prepare a wedding DJ and an officiant. A wedding DJ and an officiant are necessary for the canine wedding party. You can ask one of friends to be or to hire a celebrantan a real DJ.
  6. The sixth is that maid and bridesmaid can be lack. You can ask the best friends of your pets to be the maid and bridesmaids.
  7. In the seventh, food and drinks can not forgot to prepare including what human need and what dog gusts need.
  8. Before the wedding, you should give the dogs grooming including bathing and cutting their nails and making a hair style and then help the bridewear wedding dog dress andhelp the groom wear dog suit and tie respectively. And you can take them to the party to hold ceremony.
  9. Lastly, you can witness them respectively in beautiful dog wedding dress and in handsome dog suit and tie to walk into the ceremony under the leading of a boy in suit and a girl in dress. It’s so sweet and so adorable.

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