Fun Time: How to Entertain Your Parrot


A pet friend can keep you company when you feel lonely. Dogs and cats are the most common pets people would like to keep in their houses. Now more and more people choose to keep parrots. Unlike dogs and cats, they are smaller and easier to feed relatively. Most of them can be trained to mimic sounds and sing, which brings a lot of fun to owners.

entertain your parrot

Though parrots always amuse us, they may get bored and feel lonely when we are not around. We can do something with the help of some pet supplies online to make our friends happy. In this post, I’m going to share some experiences about how I entertain my parrot .

entertain your parrot

Many parrots are good at entertaining themselves with bird toys. My parrot is no exception. So I brought many toys for him at the local pet store. Most parrots like to chew things they can reach. You can buy him several chew wooden toys to keep him entertained. Avoid choosing toys that are made of metal or strained glass. Other toys like jewelry that they can easily break apart can be very dangerous or even fatal.

entertain your parrot

I brought a bird parrot stand holder for my bird to perch. It is colorful and well-made. You can buy several holders to decorate his cage so that there are more places for your parrot to perch. You may rotate his bird toys as many as possible, or your parrot might get bored.

entertain your parrot

It seems that my parrot enjoys music and watching TV. When I go out, I leave on the TV or radio. One thing I learned from this is that be careful of what they are watching. Well, our little friends are good at imitation. Perhaps some day cuss words might come out of your bird’s mouth. You can choose some children TV shows. Play different genres of music and see which is his favorite.

entertain your parrot

Some owners choose to place a mirror in the cage. I reserve my judgment on this, because parrots may become aggressive with the mirror in their cage. Think about it before you put a mirror in his case. After all, there are many other options.

entertain your parrot


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