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Do you a cat lover? If you have indoor cat, I believe she enjoys playing as much as dog does, and also she tend to get bored rather easily and is always looking for new things to do, or should I say, ‘trouble’ to get into? Caring owners should strive to provide a variety of toys or activities to keep them stimulated and occupied.

cat supplies

In order to reduce your kitten destroy the furniture in your house, there are some cat supplies you might like to have. Here I would like to share these cat favorite toys for your consideration.

cat supplies

Boxes are definitely cats’ favorite toy. The best thing about using boxes is they are usually free and come in a wide variety of sizes. Discard or recycle old ones after she becomes bored wit them and replace with new sizes periodically. You can turn them upside down and cut an entrance ‘hole’ in them and ‘windows’ for a fun little cat house. There are many possibilities and ways you can get creative and use boxes to entertain your kitten.

cat supplies

Another thing is also easy to find in your house: paper bag. It is probably the most recognized ‘cat toy’ of them all. My cat love to play it very much. Every time when I back home form the grocery store with paper bags, she would like to stolen the bags away and have fun with it.

cat supplies

Furry mice and ball toy are also cat’s favorite toys as well. Cats are curious animals and they love special things. These toys are cute and delicate and even though cats get bored with them sometimes, after a while they will come to be hot toys to your cat again. With these toys you can also join the game with your cat to bond the relationship closer.

cat supplies

ball toy

There are many toys which are suitable for cat to play such as the catnip toys and feather wand. So, you have no need to worry about your cat will get bored.

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