Dress Your Dog up like a Princess


Since there are many dog clothes on the market nowadays, dog fashion become a hot topic among dog owners. Yes, Dogs are our best friends and many of us love dogs so much. To dress up your baby dog is a wonderful thing that every dog parent wants to do. As I have already showed many boy clothes of dog, today, I would like to introduce you some dress that can make your dog like a cute princess ever. Of course, you can also have a look at the dog clothing and relax yourself, as I think that dog’s pictures have the magical power that warms people’s hearts.

For me, I think females always more tactful than males. No matter human or dog. So if you keep a dog who is a girl, it is easy for you to dress her like a princess. Here are some ideas if you want to dress your dog up like a princess.

dog clothing

What colors do you like the most? Maybe pink skirt is the right option to your baby girl. Charming color like pink can attract eye-watching when walking dog on the street. Besides, pink is a color shows girlish, innocent and cute, with a butterfly knot on the back of the dress, it is fashionable.

dog clothing

How about to let your dog become a gentle and elegant princess? I think black and white can show these characters. Maybe black or white dress is not eye-catching, but black and white colors are the two classic colors which are never out of date.

dog clothing

When talking about retro style princess, red is the mainly color to show the vintage feeling, do you think so? Pet red plaid dress is such a good retro style example. It is not only combine the red with classic plaid, with a butterfly knot can be much stylish. By the way, polka dot is also a retro pattern too.

dog clothing

dog clothing

So, want your girl become gorgeous you can have a try on those skirts and add barrettes to your dogs can be better.


  1. By Debbi Campbell


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