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Join us!!! Banggood’s 11th Birthday Party!!!

Banggood’s 11th Anniversary is around the corner. To mark the occasion and celebrate it, the company will be launching a big promotion under the slogan of “ The biggest bang after the big bang”. It will start on Aug. 7th with the warming up part, encompassing a variety of smaller promotion, games and activities related to the

FAQs from New Hamster Owners Part Two

What should I do if I buy a female that’s pregnant? If you find out the female you bought is pregnant, you should go and join one of the hamster forums if you haven’t already, or Both of these forums could advise you on what steps to take to care for your female

FAQs from New Hamster Owners Part One

Which hamster should I get? I would always recommend a Syrian first. They are easy to handle and they tend to quite neutral with happy personalities overall. The larger size makes them easy to handle and often easy to tamed. Should I get a male or female? Male and female hamsters do typically have different

Tips of Selecting and Caring for Pet Birds

Dogs and cats are extremely popular pets around the world. What about a bird as a pet? Birds are very amazing creatures. They have so many features and are attractive to people like the ability to talk, their colors and their interactive nature. They are very social animals and they make a nice companion for

Fuzzberta, a Little Adorable Thing That Melts Your Heart

Instagram is a place where you find and share interesting stuff. Recently, I accidentally clipped into a page called Fuzzberta. It is an Instagram that shares pictures of Fuzzberta the Guinea pig and her big sister. The blogger dresses up Fuzzberta as many famous characters. This little adorable thing has more than 22k followers on

Fun Time: How to Entertain Your Parrot

A pet friend can keep you company when you feel lonely. Dogs and cats are the most common pets people would like to keep in their houses. Now more and more people choose to keep parrots. Unlike dogs and cats, they are smaller and easier to feed relatively. Most of them can be trained to

Bathing Your Parrot

New parrot owners usually wonder is it necessary to bathe bird and have questions about the proper ways to bathe their parrots. In fact, parrots have beautiful feathers and they can also preening themselves to keep clean. Talk about the necessity of bathing parrot, in fact, it is just up to you. There is a

Tips to Stop Parrot from Biting

Parrot is no longer just a bird, but also can be human’s pet. Due to Parrot’s beautiful and brilliant plume, highly intelligent and good learning ability, many pet lovers want to have or already have these birds at home. However, to train a parrot well-behaved will be a little difficult than other pets. And during

Necessary Toy for Hamster

When you started to pet a hamster at home, all you think is to give this little lovely friend a sweet home and let him like the home. Apart from a comfortable cage with food, bed and other pet supplies in it, toys are another part you should think about. What toy will occur in