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New Members in!

Since you are no longer a rookie in keeping fish, have you ever considered getting some new members to live in you fish aquarium home? As you have already mastered the essential acknowledge of fish, how about picking some fish to reinforce your aquarium? Normally, many people will choose mature fish to keep for easier

How to Keep Your Aquarium Clean

Since aquarium is fish’s home in which they play, eat, poop and sleep. So, water in aquarium may be muddy fast. Especially, if your aquarium faces directly the sunshine, there may show some algae on the fish tank’s glass. You may wonder that why the fish aquarium gets dirty so quickly, particularly in summer. But

Artificial Plant Can also Be A Good Choice for Your Aquarium

Have you tried to place some water plants in your fish tank so that to let the fish feel like living in a natural environment? Actually, laying some aqua plants in the aquarium is a good idea as they help make water tank more real and lively, however, it is not as easy as you

Something You Need to Know for Your Goldfish

Goldfish is a freshwater fish, which is one of the earliest fish to be domesticated and it is one of the most commonly kept aquarium fish. Recently, half of my goldfish die in my aquarium, I am so sad about it so I look up for some tips which can stop this from happening effectively,