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Tropical Aquarium: Step by Step

From the desire to have a tropical aquarium to the spectacle of having the fish swimming in there, it is necessary to make some decisions, to acquire the apparatuses, to assemble and finally to maintain the aquarium. At first, everything seems complicated, but here are some simplified steps to ease the process for beginners. Step

Join us!!! Banggood’s 11th Birthday Party!!!

Banggood’s 11th Anniversary is around the corner. To mark the occasion and celebrate it, the company will be launching a big promotion under the slogan of “ The biggest bang after the big bang”. It will start on Aug. 7th with the warming up part, encompassing a variety of smaller promotion, games and activities related to the

How to Pick and Care for Pet Fish

People own fish for many reasons. Studies have shown that people who watch fish have lower stress levels. They are also ideal pet for people who are allergic to other common pets. Fish come in all shapes, sizes and colors, salt water and fresh water species. They can be kept in a large or small

How to Prevent Your Fish from Dying When You Are on Vocation

Feeding your fish every day is a good way to enhance the bond between you and your fish. It also helps you find out problems and see if your fish are eating regularly. Unluckily, there are some situations that you can’t feed your fish in person. When you are on vocation or on business, you

Tips for Moving Your Fish to Their New Home

I think many of you might pet fish in a fishbowl at home. Fishbowl is a great thing for the new fish owners to know more about your fish and also learn how to pet them better. However, fish need room to swim – would you be happy living in a tiny bowl? The Humane

Fish Care: How to Care Your Fish in Spring

Now that weather is becoming warmer, as a fish parent as you, it is the right time to give your fish tank a thoroughly cleaning so that create a new and healthy home for your fish again. And spring is a quite good season to let your fish happy and shine again. If you are

Submersible Air Pump for Fish

Even though fishes do not have lungs, they get their oxygen from the water by their own way to live in. They use their ‘lungs’ to get oxygen from the air, so the oxygen in the water that fishes absorb is called dissolved oxygen. As we all know, air has 21 percent oxygen while oxygen

New Members in!

Since you are no longer a rookie in keeping fish, have you ever considered getting some new members to live in you fish aquarium home? As you have already mastered the essential acknowledge of fish, how about picking some fish to reinforce your aquarium? Normally, many people will choose mature fish to keep for easier