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Guide of Choosing the Right Dog for You

Dogs are one of the most popular pets people want to pet at home. Are you consider starting to pet a dog? Since bringing a new dog into your life is an important decision and it is also essential that you understand the cost of dog ownership. If you have decided that the time is

Dog Body Language: Know What Your Dog is Thinking

Are you new parents of your puppies? Since there are many things you need to learn to be good parents of your dogs, one of an essential skill you should need to learn is, know your dog’s body language. Dogs might not be able to speak, but it can tell you a lot about how

How to Deal with an Anxiety Dog

I believe every dog owner would meet the situation like this: after a long day at work and when you have come home, you came to know from your neighbor that your dog has been driving him/her completely mad with his unvarying barking and howling. Actually, this means that your dog is suffering from separation

Protect Your Dog from Losing: Smart Electric Dog Fence Shock Collar

We all know dogs like to explore the outside world and when we keep a dog, we have the responsibility to keep them safe and healthy. No one would ever plans to lose a beloved dog but the truth is, every year millions of dogs do get lost. Tragically, millions never are returned to their

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Your Dog

To all of the dog owners, flea is one of the troublesome issues. Especially, with the return of warmer weather, your doggie might have flea problem in this spring. Fleas are tiny bugs that are often found on dogs’ coats. They are resilient pets, and even if you think you have gotten rid of them,

Tips for Getting Your Dog Ready for Spring

I think your dog must be excited about the coming season – spring. Warm sunshine, soft and fresh wind and green grass again. It is a good time to get outside and take advantage of all the season has to offer and do things that the cold winter may have prevented you and your dog

Spring Dog-Safety Tips

With weather is getting warmer and warmer, have you notice that spring is coming soon? Spring is such a great season for dog owners to take their doggies outside and also can enjoy the picnic with your furry friends; however, spring is also a season that have unsafe issue to dogs. Hence, in order to

How to Reduce Dog Shedding

Dog shedding can be frustrating for all of the dog owners no matter how much we love our dogs. All dogs shed to some degree with the exception of completely hairless dogs. Certain breeds shed very little while others shed large amount. Why do I bring forward dog shedding problem? In general, most dogs will

Doggies, Your Best Valentine Ever!

If you are a pet owner, I believe Valentine’s Day will be a special day to you too. As no matter you are single or not, you have already had a lover who is always with you at home – your pet. Do you pause in the middle of the day to sigh, thinking of