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How to Trim Your Pet’s Toenails?

Nails and hair are similar in the composition in biological behavior. Both constantly are growing. Overly long nails can pose threat for your pet. Nails can grow so long that they actually curl around and penetrate the skin. Think of ingrown toenail. It is painful and can be a source of infection. Overgrown nails can

What Does Your Dog Need?

Many people keep pets because they want to be accompany. I am sure many people want to have an adorable dog. It is not as easy as you think to keep a dog. Since dogs are very smart, they need our particular care. If you’re planing to pick up a dog, I think you need

Identification Collars for Your Dogs

There are many Id tags with different shapes and colors. Some of them are spotty. Others are glamorous. And some are truly exotic. Identification collars are not just a fashion statement. There are many dog products can keep your dog dog safe. They can actually save your pet’s life. You try to provide a safer

Easy Ways to Keep Your pet Healthy and Happy

Here are three easy ways to keep your dogs and cats happy and healthy and save your money in the long run. Let’s start with your veterinarian. It is important to take your cat for annual check-ups. Dogs and cats age much faster than us. So missing one yearly appointment could be like not visiting

Things You Should Know Before Keeping a Dog

It is no longer news that keeping a dog is more and more popular. The bond and relationship of human beings and their dogs offer mutual consolation. Keeping a pet is one thing you should think about carefully. Are you aware of what it takes to have a dog? Are your family suitable for it?

Things You Should Know About Dogs Living with Babies

Many family keep pets. For those families that have a baby, it is important to realize its potential dangers to their babies. Pets can live happily with your baby if you can take some steps to let them get familiar with each other. There are some tips and dog supplies that assure your baby’s safety

How to Keep Your Dog Safe in Summer

Summer is a good opportunity to take your dog out for interesting outdoor activities. He can get close to the nature and do more exercise. You should pay attention to the heat in summer. It may cause pain and discomfort when it is too hot. Sometimes, it is hard to tell if your dog isn’t

Bonsai, A Little Angel With Only Half A Body

Bonsai, an English Bulldog with only half a body has become the sensation on the internet. Over 11k people like his facebook page. This little buddy was born with half of his spine, no pelvis and malformed rear legs according to the description of his facebook page. Besides, Bonsai was born, what we call, a

Pet Supplies that Make Your Dog Comfortable

Dog parents value their dogs like their children. As a dog parent, I always look for dog products that create a sweet and comfortable home for my dog. When you choose dog supplies for your dog, make sure they are made of non-toxic material and won’t cause any allergy. They has to be safe enough