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Courthouse Dogs Provide Consolation and Calm in Court

Dogs are more than a pet for us. They have always been considered as human’s reliable friends and great companion. Now these lovely friends are trained to assist crime victims,witnesses?and others in the court. No matter you are an introvert or extrovert, speaking in the public might be nerve-wracking. Not to mention when you speak

How to Train Your Puppy Not to Bite?

In this post, we’re going to discuss the dangers of allowing puppy biting, the importance of playing and how to stop the unwanted biting behavior. Some necessary dog supplies can be great for stopping the behavior. It is normal and even cute when your puppy nibbles and lunges at your hands. Since your puppy has

How to Leash Train Your Puppy?

Once your puppy is around eight weeks old, you can begin leash training. As one of the most common dog supplies, the first thing you need is a collar or a harness that fits your puppy appropriately, never too loose or too tight. You should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and

5 Smart Products for Pets

Smart hardware can easily open up the market because it has specific targets like the pregnant or the infants. Likewise, smart products for pets are increasing gradually as well. High-tech products are no longer solely designed for human beings. If you are keeping pets and keen on the latest technology, there have been many pet

Instruction of Setting up Underground Electric Dog Fence

It is estimated that more than 1,000,000 dogs are hit by cars and 60,000 are lost and stolen every year. Since dogs like to run and explore everywhere, the chance that they get injured is even higher. It is important to train your dog to stay in the safe zone. Now with the help of

How to Deal with an Anxiety Dog

I believe every dog owner would meet the situation like this: after a long day at work and when you have come home, you came to know from your neighbor that your dog has been driving him/her completely mad with his unvarying barking and howling. Actually, this means that your dog is suffering from separation

Protect Your Dog from Losing: Smart Electric Dog Fence Shock Collar

We all know dogs like to explore the outside world and when we keep a dog, we have the responsibility to keep them safe and healthy. No one would ever plans to lose a beloved dog but the truth is, every year millions of dogs do get lost. Tragically, millions never are returned to their

How to Teach Your Dog Swim

As we all know, dogs are born with strong natural instincts, such as barking, digging and being totally lovable to humans. They are also great at catching balls, chasing things and hunting. However, do all dogs are born to be good swimmers? The answer may be not 100% yes. Most dogs are not born knowing

Train Your Dog to Stop Biting on Leash

Almost all the dog owners will counter a situation of your new pups: when you try to walk him/her with a leash at the very first, he/she will bite the leash. Since pups have sharp teeth, they only need a few hours to break the leash. Why dogs bite leashes? This kind of dog stuff