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4 Gorgeous Pet Stuff Every Pet Owner Needs To Have

Even if you’re not interested in following trends, there are certain things you, as a pet owner, should at least take a look at. Useful, cool and maybe a little kooky, these could really turn things around for you and your darlings, making your lives more enjoyable and fun. Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder While cutting

Join us!!! Banggood’s 11th Birthday Party!!!

Banggood’s 11th Anniversary is around the corner. To mark the occasion and celebrate it, the company will be launching a big promotion under the slogan of “ The biggest bang after the big bang”. It will start on Aug. 7th with the warming up part, encompassing a variety of smaller promotion, games and activities related to the

Feeding Your Puppy Part One

Today we are going to talk about dog nutrition and what you should look for in your puppy’s food. Just like infants, puppies require different levels of nutrients than older dogs. Physically puppies grow fastest during the first six months. The right nutrition is critical to support this rapid growth. That said, your puppy should

Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs

Our pets certainly do like to get into things they shouldn’t. And especially there is abundance of chocolate. You would expect that vomiting, diarrhea would be the earlier symptoms. However some dogs really enjoy the chocolate and it doesn’t upset its tummy. So it would take into effect rapidly and increase their heart rates. What

Causes and Solutions of Your Dog Not Eating

As a dog owner, it is such a relieve to see your dog gorging food. At least it is an indication that your dog desires for food for his energetic activities everyday. At least you dog are willing to eat. Once he is found refusing to eat, you need to investigate the causes and look

Things You Should Know About Homemade Dog Food

Dogs can suffer from allergies due to many reasons. Some of them are allergic to the ingredients of their food. Experts suggest that some certain food should be avoided, such as chocolate, raisins, garlic, avocados, onions, grapes and Macadamia nuts. Now many commercial food contains byproducts, fillers, preservatives and chemicals. If you want to feed

How to Choose Dog Food?

Dog owners treat their dogs as one of the family members. They buy different dog supplies like dog clothes, dog houses and dog toys. Dog food is the top concern. Maybe you have changed your dog’s food many times. Maybe you are going to have a new dog. All of you are facing the same

Basic Guides of Feeding Your Dog

Owning a dog is very amazing, but feeding one can be a bit troublesome. Many questions come up when you feed your dog. What should I feed ? How often should I feed my dog? What dog supplies should I buy? These may be the most confusing problems for you. Read on and you will

Regular Dog Nutrition: The Importance of Water to Dogs

How important water is to a dog? We do want our dogs live healthy and always pick up nutritious food to our dogs. In fact, water is also the regular nutrition to our dogs but we might neglect this daily nutrient easily. Water is necessary and vital to human as well as dog, hence, apart

Does Your Dog Have Health Teeth?

Do you think your dog’s teeth are so strong that you have no worry about his/her teeth health? That is so wrong if you really agree with it. As omnivores as dog, they need a variety of specialized teeth to eat the different types of foods in their varied diets. Normally, puppies have 28 teeth
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