Dog Dressing Archive

Time to Dress up Your Dog

Winter has gone and we start to buy some new seasonal clothes for ourselves. Have you considered about buying some trendy clothes for your dog? I love to dress up my dog no matter what season it is. And my dog is happy about what she is wearing. Some dog owners, as I do, enjoy

Special Valentine’s Day for Your Doggie

In this weekend will come the Valentine’s Day, it is great, isn’t it? For the couples, they can spend a whole weekend with each other, for the singles, they can date the ones they like or enjoy the happy weekend with their friends. Whether you are planning to celebrate with humankind or not, here are

New Furry Collar Dog Coat, Stylish and Elegant

Winter can be a time of great distress to those dogs that have short coated, wire-coated dogs and dogs with a single coat (no undercoat). Besides, pups and older dogs are also less able to manage cold than dogs in the prime of their lives, even if your breed was developed for cooler weather, age

Dogs Dress in Suits to be Gentlemen

Here comes the dog fashion again, today’s topic is dogs dress in suits. Yes, can you imagine your dog wear suits? Since there are many cute and funny costumes for dog owners to select, are you tired of letting your dog to wear the funny dog clothing? Now that your dog is males, let him

New Flashing Collar Tag for Your Pet

I believe every dog owner want their dog smarter and become a star on their block, so do me. However, there are many methods to let your dog become a little star on the street. Dress dog up with clothes is just one way to make him trendy; while collar is another way that makes

Classic Dog Plaid T-shirt

Even though dog are cute all the time, sometimes, to dress up your dog will make him much lovely than ever. Do you think so? Many dog lovers will think it is kind of hard to make dog love clothes. Yes, you are right, when dog wears clothing, he feel like an alien. However, I

Dress Your Dog up like a Princess

Since there are many dog clothes on the market nowadays, dog fashion become a hot topic among dog owners. Yes, Dogs are our best friends and many of us love dogs so much. To dress up your baby dog is a wonderful thing that every dog parent wants to do. As I have already showed

Dress-up Pets Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is already here today in my location, how about you? Are you going to have a party or a big meal with your friend on Christmas Eve? Busy and happy holiday, do not forget to relax yourselves. In order to wish you a merry Christmas, today I’d like to share you some pets dress-up

Let Your Dog Be Accustomed to Wear Clothes

To many people who keep dogs in house think that it is hard to let dog be used to wearing clothes. So do me. I keep a doggie at home about 6 months earlier, since weather is getting colder and colder now, and he is small and has short fur by the way, so I