Bonsai, A Little Angel With Only Half A Body


Bonsai, an English Bulldog with only half a body has become the sensation on the internet. Over 11k people like his facebook page.

Bonsai the dog

This little buddy was born with half of his spine, no pelvis and malformed rear legs according to the description of his facebook page. Besides, Bonsai was born, what we call, a water pup that led to the ‘‘Swimmer’s Syndrome’’ with the combination of lack of mobility of the hind end.

Bonsai the dog

Born with multiple rare deformities in April 27, 2015, Bonsai luckily has received considerate care and is still thriving. The multiple genetic disorders have threatened Bonsai’s life since he was born.

Bonsai the dog

Due to the lack of knowledge of these complicated diseases, his owners decided to turn to professional assistance, Friends of Emma, a rescue organization aiming at offering help for those dogs with special needs. They have formed a fundraiser page for people to offer financial support for Bonsai’s medical care and treatment.

Bonsai the dog

Informed of the page, we can know that Bonsai is going through an amputation of both of his hind legs. The good new is Bonsai is recovering well from the surgery. Though there is no such a cure for him, his owners are still trying to do their best to keep him as healthy as possible.

Bonsai the dogdogcare-6

They are looking for treatments to relive the situation. But this requires a series of medical treatments with high costs. That is why they set up the page letting people know more about Bonsai’s condition.

Bonsai the dog

If you want to know more about this little cuteness and are willing to offer your generous help, please go to his facebook page called Bonsai, Half the Body, Twice the Love or the fundraiser page of the same name.

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