The Best Toy to Keep Your Cat Entertained


Cats need to be entertained. If you’ve ever lost an hour or two watching cat videos online you’ll know that they’re not just fun to watch. They’re also the kind of pet you need to keep entertained. Being left to their own devices can result in destroyed furniture and shredded clothes. The need to hunt is something innate in most cats – just because they’re domesticated it doesn’t mean they don’t have it. A laser pointer for cats can be an ideal way of emulating the way a cat hunts down its prey.

laser pointer for cats

What kind of toys do they like?

Anything can entertain cats but some toys are better than others. From balls and string to a laser pointer for cats, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of things to keep them entertained. Sometimes, unfortunately, they’ll be things you don’t want your cat to play with. If you’re trying to tie your shoelaces you may find your cat dangling from your

boot desperate to play.

laser pointer for cats

Why is a laser pointer for cats a fantastic toy?

Simply, they love chasing things that are bright and fast moving.

A laser pointer for cats will create a bright spot on the floor or wall that is sure to grab their attention, and can easily be moved at high speed.

A cat will spot the red dot on the floor and treat it as prey – chasing it, pawing it and watching it silently for hours.

It can be a fuss-free way of keeping your cat entertained and distracted without having to move from the sofa.

Like an indoor butterfly.


laser pointer for cats

Why do cats like laser pointers?

It’s not easy to think your way into your cat’s head. Maybe it’s the same reason why they love chasing butterflies and other insects?

Or maybe they just find it unsettling and want to swat it and kill it. Either way, shine a laser pointer near any cat and you’ll be guaranteed a reaction of some sort. More aggressive cats will leap onto the little red dot and try to catch it. More wary animals are likely to keep their distance and watch it out of the corner of their eye.

laser pointer for cats

Are there dangers for cats playing with laser pointers?

You’d definitely better watch out if you’ve got small kids around as children are more likely to do things like shining a laser pen in a pet’s eye.

Laser pens are believed to have a highly damaging effect on the cornea if there is direct exposure.

The other thing to bear in mind is the psychological aspect of the process.

Marilyn Krieger, also known as the Cat Coach, says that using a laser pointer for cats can risk leaving them frustrated. It is a toy that mimics hunting but doesn’t result in a capture. Instead, she suggests that you use the laser pointer to guide the cat towards a toy that it can capture and then turn it off.


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