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Cat Christmas Clothing Ideas for 2021

In just a few weeks, we will be celebrating the most exciting time of the year – the festive season, Christmas. This is the time where everyone gets together as a family, exchange gifts, share good laughs, eat together, and primarily relishes the year’s memories. And while you wear the best attire for the festivities,

Christmas Pet Clothing Ideas for Small Dogs

The festive season is here with us. It is one of those holidays we get to do things as a family like dress up and take photos together. That said, our paw family members should be included in the dress-up. Below are Christmas costumes for dogs that will leave them cuddly and cute. Funny Santa

Dog Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Pet in 2021

Are you a dog owner that loves Halloween? Do you love dressing up your carnivore buddy for the holiday too? Then we have a list of costume ideas for you.  Picking out a great dog costume for their furry family member is just as big of a deal as planning what the humans will wear.

Tips for Helping Manage Pet Separation Anxiety

Some dogs become very anxious when they are separated from their owners. Yea, there are dogs that are pretty comfortable on their own, but there are those that usually become distressed whenever their owner is not present, a condition known as separation anxiety. Let’s take a look at how you can help your dog overcome

Tips for Protect Your Pet from COVID-19

With the daily knowledge about this deadly virus, scientists have discovered that Cat owners with COVID-19 should restrain from cuddling their pets as people can infect their pets at home. Pet owners who have coronavirus or display symptoms are now being advised by experts to avoid close contact with their pets until they have fully

Tips for Flying with Your Cat

Our pets are family, and we all know how it feels being left home alone, or at a stranger’s home. For our peace of mind, being able to move around and more so travel with our pets is all we want. Bear in mind that cats can also suffer from fear, anxiety, and stress while

Is it Cruel to Make Dogs Wear Clothes

Putting clothes on a dog is pretty controversial.  A lot of people feel that putting clothing on a dog is cruel and unnecessary. While others are busy making dog coats such as waterproof versions and products designed to keep them warm in the winter. By cheap dog clothes, we mean any piece of material put

The Best Remote Dog Training Collar

Remote dog training collar improves on canine retrieving skills, curb bad behavior and it promotes a good behavior for the dog. The collars are waterproof and they also come with static stimulation or transmitter that use vibrations to foster obedience. Here are some of the collars which can suit your dog; Educator E-Collar Remote Dog

The Best Dog Paw Cleaners in the Market in 2021

After a long day of a brisk walk or a fun day in the park, the dog may look very messy quickly. After that, they may want to hop in the car or you want some security you really want not to have prints all over. So, you need the best dog paw cleaner which