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I’m Thinking about How to Make My Dog Happier After Watching ‘A Dog’s Purpose’

Yesterday, I have been the cinema to watch the movie, A Dog’s Purpose, with my boyfriend. I have got to say that, it was actually a touching movie, since me and my boyfriend both have cried. Although a dog might never understand human’s world, it’s kind of loyalty and it always sense your feeling, so

I Helped My Pregnant Cat for Giving Birth, Here Are Tips from My Experience

Recently, my cats have delivered three little cute kittens. I am pretty sure that the birth of these little kittens is one of the best things that have ever happened in my life. However, when I think of the day they are born, it was kind of nervous for me. Everything was new to me,

Puppy Clothing That Your Little Dog Certainly Love

Your lovely puppy is really cute, and do you know that it could be much cuter with adorable clothing? If you are really concerned about your puppy, you should buy it clothes as the winter is coming. And here are some wonderful choices for you. Waterproof Skidproof Pet Dog Rain Protective Rubber Shoes Booties For

Celebrate 10th Birthday of Banggood Right Now

10 years ago, Banggood was found on 9th, Sept. And today, Banggood is going to celebrate its 10th birthday with large-scale promotion sale. Don’t you feel excited for this? There are a lot of amazing and cheap products for you to snap-up. And I would love to introduce all the promotions on Banggood 10th anniversary.

Banggood is on the Billboards of Time Square!

The 10th birthday of Banggood is just around the corner. Have you ever heard about Banggood? If you know about it, you have to admit that Banggood did well in the past 10 years as a cross-border self-platform. And now, there are lots of amazing and fascinating products that are sold at low prices on

Join Us! Big Celebration of Banggood 10th Anniversary

Since Aug 25th, 2016, Banggood has started the warm-up of its 10th anniversary, and there are lots of wonderful bargains for you guys to snap-up. And to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, Banggood is going to run a big promotion sale to satisfy all the customers who give Banggood lots of help. The warm-up

Dog Collars for Different Needs

We, Banggood, have got lots of dog collars for your little buddy. And they could be for different use, so here we go. And hope you like them and get them home for your buddy. Harley Baby Flea & Tick Collar Dog Flea Tick Collar Prevent Your Dog From Flea Bites As for flea control,

Dog Outfits Make Your Puppy Look Amazing

Thanks to those beautiful designs of dog clothes, our dogs could be more adorable. And there are more and more clothes for dogs to spice up, and there are also clothes for protecting your little puppy from the cold, rain. Absolutely, there are also shirts, raincoats, shoes and more for your dog on the