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Spring Dog-Safety Tips

With weather is getting warmer and warmer, have you notice that spring is coming soon? Spring is such a great season for dog owners to take their doggies outside and also can enjoy the picnic with your furry friends; however, spring is also a season that have unsafe issue to dogs. Hence, in order to

How to Reduce Dog Shedding

Dog shedding can be frustrating for all of the dog owners no matter how much we love our dogs. All dogs shed to some degree with the exception of completely hairless dogs. Certain breeds shed very little while others shed large amount. Why do I bring forward dog shedding problem? In general, most dogs will

Doggies, Your Best Valentine Ever!

If you are a pet owner, I believe Valentine’s Day will be a special day to you too. As no matter you are single or not, you have already had a lover who is always with you at home – your pet. Do you pause in the middle of the day to sigh, thinking of

Special Valentine’s Day for Your Doggie

In this weekend will come the Valentine’s Day, it is great, isn’t it? For the couples, they can spend a whole weekend with each other, for the singles, they can date the ones they like or enjoy the happy weekend with their friends. Whether you are planning to celebrate with humankind or not, here are

New Furry Collar Dog Coat, Stylish and Elegant

Winter can be a time of great distress to those dogs that have short coated, wire-coated dogs and dogs with a single coat (no undercoat). Besides, pups and older dogs are also less able to manage cold than dogs in the prime of their lives, even if your breed was developed for cooler weather, age

Scottish Fold, Smart and Sweet Breed of Cat

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. Some people think that cats are cool and they are not like dogs, sweet and kind. However, cat owners know how sweet and how mean their kitties can be. If you are a cat lover, you might be interested in this breed of cat:

Feed Your Cat in a Proper Healthy Way

As cat owners, we do hope our cats be happy and healthy. Generally, there are three essential parts to keep cat happy and healthy: feeding part, grooming part and playing part. Among these three part, feeding part is obviously a vital part of pet ownership but people always ignore then make cats become overweigh and

Always Prepare Grooming Kit for Your Dog

Essential grooming is important for every dog. No matter what age, size or type of dog you have, to keep good grooming habits can benefit you dog’s health. However, it is little difficult to groom your pooch at the very first. Since grooming requires time and patience, of course, with a set of essential dog

Review of Dog Multifunctional Massage Shower Head

Many dog owners will agree with this saying, ‘A dog’s idea of personal grooming is to roll on a dad fish.’ Even though we take them to the park, they would like to roll on the grass until their hair in a mess then they will feel satisfied, do you think so? Most dogs prefer